Talk and Choose - Home Page

Welcome to Talk and Choose.

This platform has been created to better help us communicate while on the go. There are many times that we can either loose, damage, or not have the symbols that we need to communicate with.

This platform aims to combat that problem. There are three main areas you can navigate to; 1 Choice, 2 Choice, and 4 Choice. On each page there will be corresponding text boxes that you will need to type in to show the symbols you desire.

The idea behind the creation of this platform was to give free access to basic communication needs that many people with SEND need, but without the price tag of big professional equipment.

We aim to assist you in communicating with a simple to use platform that anyone will be able to pick up and use.

If there is a symbol missing that you need, or you would like a custom symbol added, please head to the contact page and it will be added within 24 hours.

Listed below are links to each symbol page

***Update. All Symbols from A-z are now included. ***

***Need any symbols added? Just email and they'll be uploaded within 24 hours.